Saturday, October 30, 2010

Volunteer Hours For Court

Preparation Paris Marathon from 10.04.2010

As I want and write in my last article on the Marathon Barcelona, the number of runners registered under the banner of the association "Aid and Combat" has exploded as will appear, under the Arc de Triomphe, a score of riders (Aude and Herault elbow to elbow)!

A preparatory meeting was held Saturday, Oct. 23 at St. Nazaire, to the point as to how to register, moving runners, supporters and local hospitality (this will be a youth hostel).

Alain Cadenne, association president, is awarded all the energy he displays so that any form of donation awareness of bone marrow appears in high public places. The Champs-Elysees is a consecration and his last dream, quite feasible, is to buy a banner "Support and Combat" which he sees already floating in the sky of Paris!

So why not help them achieve his dream? Make a small gesture for this association (association headquarters: Rue de la Piquarelle, 11120 St Nazaire), which has been waging for years his "fight" with patience and serenity: the awareness of bone marrow donation.

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Barcelona Marathon

March 7, 2010

A very good atmosphere "family" for this marathon that brought together still thousands of volunteers on a wonderful journey. The weather was nice meeting you as well as 9 sport for the association ... including 3 railwaymen as our president.

Thanks to them all and as you can see, the figure increases, when the milestone of 10? We can only hope the same increase in the number of donors.

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Marseille Marathon

April 26, 2009

Marathoners took the start in the next rainy Notre Dame de la Garde in the beautiful Mediterranean city. To go 2 marathon

for association with the sister of our president Alain, in person. Kudos to those cool chicks that have not succumbed to the temptation of pastis to carry out their mission: to come! The team followed them supporters of Record (also running between bus and subway) for their support throughout their course. Congratulations to Chantal and Véronique

and attendants.

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Paris Marathon

April 5, 2009

but super cool for the start of this marathon that brings Parisian 40,000 runners including 2 under the banner of the association "Aid and Combat" they fought a good pace until the end. A arrival despite the fatigue of travel, that they have kindly responded warmly questions from fans wanting to know more about their commitment. Kudos to Florent and Serge for your achievement and your commitment .

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Evening at St Jean area of Conques (34310 Forty)

On August 6, 2010

Another winery in action! After that of St George of Ibry (quoted below) on the town Abeilhan (34290), the St Jean de Conques is mobilizing for a noble cause! The family met at Forty Boussagol the brotherhood for a dinner dance. Each year, the profits of the evening are donated to charity. Two hundred and fifty people responded to the call, spend a pleasant evening, and owners of the domain this year choose "Help and Battle." A big thank you to those people at heart, as it exists here and there, acting with sincerity and deserve raises his hat ... Long live the estate vineyards.

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Walk of Hope: New Port / Axat

24 / May 31, 2010

140 km on foot on the Cathars, the t.shirt on behalf of the association to raise awareness throughout the path of Giving bone marrow, to go after yourself and showing that the mind can take us.

From the sea, more exactly of Port La Nouvelle, Marie-Ange, Jocelyne and Mireille, backpacks filled to the gram and inflexible arrived 8 days later in Axat. Throughout the course , the citadels of vertigo: Durban, Aguilar Tuchan Quéribus Peyrepertuse Puilaurens have delivered some of their magic! Just what it takes to move forward too but to succumb to their charm and mystery! This journey sometimes serene, sometimes to the limit of offside was a way to overcome an autoimmune disease, to accompany a recipient bone marrow, to prove that what is believed impossible is not always maintain a note of some letters but essential in tests of long-term illness: HOPE.

A large and beautiful life lesson who, despite am e chickens falls sunburn ... did not die moralized our trio since already in the head he prepares to leave to complete the course: Axat / Foix in spring 2011. One hundred and forty miles over with the same mission: Breaking taboos, inform ... Ex: The bone marrow is not the spinal cord ...

Bravo girls, prepare training, we count on you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Like Swallowed Lightbulb

Day Domaine St Georges d'Ibry

Several volunteers have offered their knowledge to organize a day of entertainment in the vineyard of St Georges Ibry who was willing to receive the association Help and Combat "and Dr. Monique Andary (the file manager, Donor Languedoc Roussillon).
the program: walk between vineyards and olive trees, mini golf, tennis tournament, magic, make-up children, with possible discovery of Jumbe of meals.
The weather played a trick on us, all external events have been canceled but the field has still received. The Wizard and the makeup artists were able to exercise their talent and the Conference on Bone Marrow took place in mid-afternoon.
A big thank you to Michael and Marianne St George's area of Ibry who remained mobilized throughout the day and offered to the association recipe of raffle set up by their care.
A big thank you to all volunteers and visitors who braved the weather to support us in this day.