Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Permanent Piriformis Syndrome

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Sunday, March 15

Gland Soreness After Drinking

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Tuesday, March 10 to Wednesday, March 18
We will stay on a week in Morocco with 4 4X4 and my bike.
After visiting Tangier, Chefchaouen direction via Tetouan.
It spent 2 nights because the place is sublime.
Then we start on Al Hoceima by a mountain road through Ketama. Motorcyclist's dream!
The two days will be in Fes we will reach by Kassite and Taza. the road is divine with sublime landscapes! What up!
After discussion with my friends, unanimously, our last night on the African continent will be in Chefchaouen. I fell in love with this area and am not alone!
This Sunday we separate, joined the 4X4-Chefchaouen by Karia Ba Mohamed and Ouazzane and we are going by motorbike Ain Aicha, Taounate and Ketama. Route mountain ridge with vertical limbs of over 500m. What happiness !
A small technical problem on the bike (the spokes of the front wheel let go) I will go on a slide in a curve at 50km of Chefchaouen. More fear than harm, it's OK with a broken fibula and 5 weeks plaster.
The bike will return to the trailer Narbonne.
The boat will leave at 8am at Tangier on Tuesday (scheduled for Monday at 23:45)
Party January 24 Narbonne after 15000km, I would not go back on my bike.
The single grain of sand in the gears of this magnificent epic will not return to Narbonne on my bike. But we're all here safe and sound.
What a wonderful journey, that emotion, that of shared happiness, all of you suffering from blood disorder, this trip is for you.
Thanks to everyone who helped me make it happen.

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Monday, March 9
Final preparations for starting some
Registering two motorcycles for the boarding pass at customs, etc.. ....
It only remains to wait and enjoy a little more of this beautiful city. Embarkation expected to 21h for departure 23h45.
At 19h, I let some of my friends and will recover at the airport travelers.
As usual, the company Air concerned we will take various snacks to fill the waiting indefinitely.
Back in the late hours on Tangier, we see that the ferry was still docked. We learn later that the boat will leave at 8am in the morning! Customs officers searched all vehicles and trucks.
This trip will remain forever engraved in my memory. Not a single day since January 24 I stop thinking about this young man who one day was recorded on the register of bone marrow donors; A September 20, 2000 He accepted a 48-hour hospitalization and removal of bone marrow and since it allowed me to live and do this wonderful journey. there no words to assure him my gratitude. "In France there are hundreds of people waiting for bone marrow transplantation. All of you who will learn from this blog Find out about the inscription on the donor file and take the plunge. How many people are currently receiving treatment or sterile room chemotherapy and count on you? Without matching donors on file, life stops for some and we can not accept that. Help me to win my bet on life and allow a patient with leukemia has "LIVE" Thank you.
Ps: Going down on Mauritania, on the border with Morocco, I met a biker who had noticed us through listing on the 4x4 and we shared a few words because he too had undergone a bone marrow transplant and enjoyed life to 200% ... ... ... ... ... ..

Stinging Across Chest

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Freeway Sunday, March 8 to Tanger, nothing to report!
Tangier, what wonderful city.
I think our group will not remain insensitive to this . There is a hotel with garage which is a priority for this step. Tomorrow our team split a party comes to Narbonne and another arrives by plane to stay with Didier and myself a week in Morocco. We leave all equipment and trailer to the garage for a week and we will leave only 4X4 and motorcycle. From our arrival we repackages the luggage trailer and redevelop the entire store.
walk in this city of passage that deserves one stops there.
Beautiful Medina in which we will do some business! Or at least some purchases.
I take a meal tonight with those who leave me tomorrow and we will remember parts of this trip, I think this is just the beginning. there were moments extremely strong contact with the local population is fabulous. and great with children!!
Last night on the African continent for some. More than six weeks that have elapsed since our departure. A desire to return and continue this journey, but everything has an end.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Preston And Steve Sound Clip

Friday, March 6
Till a little late but our bodies needed rest.
The team will end this evening in Essaouira.
I leave with Didier for a walk in the Medina of Tiznit. There is a photo shop and we took the opportunity to empty our digital camera on usb or dvd. It is also developing some pictures on paper to view of prices which are well below those at home. An optician will give me my sunglasses in a state (lost a screw) and ask me a smile to thank him hard to find a pair of slippers in my 45/46 but I get a end! choosing the color will remain single . And after we resumed the various shopping road.
is a coastal road is once again superb with beautiful views. Didier
Tonight will be a restaurant fish in the port and come back satisfied and delighted.
We like good European tourists, it will eat a good pizza in an Italian restaurant in the middle of Medina, where he had not long ago that we had not arrived and it will be appreciated!