Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gloating Week Before Period

Week in pictures Forum for screenings of the Festival "A state of the world ... and film"

Festival A state of the world ... and film took place last 10 days in the Forum des Images. And I was there almost every night. Story a week hearty.

Chronicle of a disappearance, Elia Suleiman

" This film is like a darling because it was my first " Elia Suleiman warned us before the screening. Chronicle of a Disappearance is made of many small tables, seeded over a diary which changes the political newspaper, and tells of the constant quest for identity of Israeli Arabs lost in their own country. There are monologues in kitchens, feature clips, a chase through walkie-talkie, a descent of a hill in peaceful traveling with music on the Israeli-Palestinian relations. And books that fall from the sky, people who take the head to die of laughter while others prepare vials of holy water that the recipe for tourists is tap water + spices . Full of small juicy stories on the lives of the Arab community in Israel. Very very successful for a first film.

One Evening After the War, Rithy Panh.

dazzling film is set in the post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia, One Evening After the War is the story of a 27 year old man who returns from the front and falls in love with a young woman of 19 who, for succeed in life, a prostitute at night in a dance bar in Phnom Penh. He will try to work as he can to save his life so it no longer has to sell her body. Both have families decimated by the war has lost all her relatives, her father and her brother. A beautiful story, tragic end that I will not go here but me profoundly. A captivating film, construction very intelligent (narration and flashbacks), the sublime music, a love poem with birds that fly in the palm of the hand within the hour stealth but so full of hope following darkness. Rithy Panh is a great director and a film buff myself lucky.

Paths of memory Jose-Luis Peñafuerte (Preview)

Jose-Luis Peñafuerte does not beat around the bush to attack on the memory of the English Civil War and Franco's victims: the excavation of a pit Common victims of fascism is the theme of this documentary film brings together evidence from various players in the English civil society, intellectuals, young adolescents, refugees, former political prisoners and forensic experts, all determined to do the truth to light. Yes, as stated brilliantly intellectual Semprún Jorge, who was present alongside the director at the screening, history of the twentieth century that the majority of Spaniards know today is that of the victors: the worldview imposed by fascism triumphant that Spain would not call into question the dictator's death in order not to risk destabilizing the democratic transition process. " can not invent a new man, as believed communism and socialism of the twentieth century, but we know that institutions have a major role to play in the transmission of values through the side of the story that they offer. "says Jorge Semprun. The way Jose-Luis Peñafuerte started her film is very original metaphors and blends colorful, archival footage and traditional songs to try to make a movie supporting this change. A must see documentary to understand the story in motion of this fabulous country and the horror in which the families of regime opponents (nicknamed the "Reds," which includes both Republicans and Communists) were dives.

Aftershock, Feng Xiaogang
Blockbuster to 400 million entries, Aftershock tells the story unfolded over 40 years of a family devastated by the earthquake in Tangshan in 1976, which caused hundreds of thousands of deaths. A woman (whose husband died during the quake) must choose between saving his son or daughter, both stuck to each side of a concrete slab, which, if one raises a hand to release a crush necessarily the other. Choice-of-sophiesque. The mother, who must decide, because the rescuers are at the ruins in ruins trying to rescue the survivors quickly, took the terrible decision to save his son. Rescuers are running out and the living son and then the lifeless body of the girl. Or not exactly, because it will wake up several hours later in the rain and mud ... Contrary to popular belief, it will be later in the story or obsessed with finding his family or his brother's love-it-dont-ignore-it-is his brother. Precisely for the surprising developments of the script that I will remember this movie, while I probably quickly forget the countless special effects, the Chinese government's censorship visible or plans which we guess even before they begin they were made to cry in the cottage ... Aftershock is to see to understand what today looks like a blockbuster In a country of over one billion people ... always censored.

Piercing I, Liu Jian.
The film does unfortunately never released on Chinese screens, it was scheduled the next day, in small groups, with the presence of the director (and his wife and son who had the opportunity to make the trip). I Piercing, animated film about the financial crisis to the Chinese side, is incredible for many reasons. First, as Liu Jian, a graduate of art school, has achieved all alone in his garage for 4 years while he initially thought it would last a few months later because it was his wife who produced the film with his savings and finally because it gives a very intriguing one China torn by extreme (very poor / rich, rural / urban) that at the present time, we do not see that often. An animated film that comes out of the ordinary by its expansion into the Chinese reality. And a very nice director when he answered questions unbearable old-French-allen-d'eux found themselves unfortunately too often at conferences of all types.


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