Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bryan And Andrew Place In Greece

To the health of young Robert ; Pierre Desproges

"Marro grew even in the depths of its cooked, a morbid passion for language. He had old-fashioned respect for the right word and venerated Vaugelas full video era. This man was able to out Ursidae falling in love for a subjunctive verb behind a strange welcome and launched a benign mouth whose lips seemed then discarded priceless luxuries. Consequently, he showed thunderous contempt for triumphalism pedantic mediocrity cultural walk, which the degeneration of language was the jewel.

Jacques began to love this man whose hard archaic language seemed quixotic poetic force obsolescence. On the verge of star wars and death neutron, it seemed even more moving than a man ready to take up arms to defend an agreement syntax. He said. They embraced

seriously as befits the drunks moved, and retrinquèrent laboriously to the health of young Robert, by devoting the abyss gravediggers agreements on time, officials and bredouilleurs époumonés starving French song which take their oral flatulence for poetic license and permit to chuckle aggregations of letters. "

Pierre Desproges, Women who fall , 1985.


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