Saturday, January 29, 2011

Images Of Rasta Colors

Two questions Elia Suleiman

was this afternoon at the Forum des Images in the festival A state of the world ... and film. Elia Suleiman was answering questions following the screening of his first feature film, Chronicle of a Disappearance . About reported.

In Chronicle of a Disappearance there are plans in which outside noises were added, such as a police siren, a passing plane or bird songs. This supplement is sound he made in order to further embed the viewer into the real?

This is not the reality I try to recreate with these sounds. I want them to create a metamorphosis of reality, a kind of potential reality. I'm not looking to make a truth I seek that the viewer finds his own truth through the sensations he feels. The sound is something essential. It creates a kind of tension in the film. Sometimes I remove some elements of my framing voluntarily. And the sound of birds is meant to suggest that we are on the sides, in what I removed from the field, there was actually a tree. Sound adds an extra layer to the "tables" that I build in every movie.

What role does the installation in your creative process?

There is such pressure on the set with respect to the timing when I arrive in the editing room with my editor, it is relaxing. For he who does the technical work and appealed to my creativity. Editing is a bit like a cooking recipe: before you start, you know what forms have vegetables and what will make noise when the knife will fell on the block, but all this, we will change to create something new and avoid to walk again on the box. And in the end, it is important not to add cream, if the dishes are always the same taste.


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