Monday, March 9, 2009

Are Health Cards Considered Id At The Casino

Thursday, February 26 After a breakfast served by the owner, we thank and hope to return home during an upcoming trip. Always
sublime landscapes. We cross
Aleg or eat but we hoped that we do is not possible for us, given the state of the city amid garbage and our stomachs rather fragile!
We trace our route and content ourselves with some cakes that we have in store. Early
GPS still works as well and we arrive al'auberge Menat among Olivia, was 16.30.
Didier joined us by plane and greets us.
We share with him soon and a taxi to the port of Nouakchott. Fishermen returning
between 15h and 17h.
is truly magical, there are hundreds of canoes for miles of beaches.
These canoes are made on site, wood, caulked and painted in traditional colors of the country, tribe and family.
the arrival of the boats, the fish market is filled with tons of fish of all species (mullet
30 to 50 cm, croaker of over one meter, crawfish (which we will enjoy a 4 night for the price a cheap steak), grouper , Sole, sea bream pink etc ....)
All this happens in an atmosphere of colorful fish market in Marseille al'africaine, cry, palaver, and whispering. We came back full of images and smells.
We're busy around our lobsters for the preparation and excitement is at its peak.
The meal will be a divine and around again ...


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