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What Harm Does Hot Cheetos Cause?

Saturday, February 28

We are ready at 7am specific
The driver with the 4X4 is to lead us to the Banc d'Arguin was charged for 3 days
vehicles and go. It
driven for 250km and then we filed our 4X4, trailer, and motorcycles at the entrance of the reservation or they will be kept.
All in the Toyota + hiace crew cab a guide and go for 5Okm off track and dune.
At six, it is properly seated and nothing moves in the vehicle despite the holes and bumps!
The camping spot for tonight will be a Iwik.
These camps run by women community of sinners.
Several paintings and has two buildings available drives: one for toilets and toilet and one kitchen and dining room. Power supply made by the solar panel and batteries. There are
water tanks and trucks come to fill. for our own case, the two camps that we use, the tank will remain empty. we'll do with 20l we have with us, so toilets mandatory for all cats with 3l of water per person.
Our guide, Iveco, we puzzled over such knowledge. It should make us see the birds that say these are from the high tide but impossible to know the tide times? We were advised to take a morning ride in a lanche to see birds and we advise against it. We will follow these tips and it will prove no more than that is the way that we could see in the neighboring islands. and for advice to our sinful, the only thing he will be able to do is to take a fishing rod and go try to catch fish for another group who had ordered! I find this a bit much! All this ended our relationship with this guide at the end of the first day.
Didier test was fishing without much success but popping throughout the afternoon, we will be a nice walk in this beautiful area by staying a little late on our side of bird. The sunset over the sea was great with a few flamingos who bothered appear
Before bed, astronomy lesson or we detect many gaps in our knowledge. A nearby fighter we lit the lantern. Good night all


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