Monday, March 9, 2009

Indian Name For Banaba Leaf

Thursday, March 5
We take the road towards Tiznit small step of 260 km.
ago for a few days of tension in the group and we meet only in the evening at the hotel. Everyone does it lives on his side. But it was bad in my opinion the only solution. I share dinner one day in two with one or the other. Today
with Didier, we decided to stop at noon next to Tan Tan, Ksar tafnidilt, magical place where we made a step al'aller. Can be reached after 5km of track. There were many rain this month and it is quite bumpy. We come to this place are wonderful and welcomed with open arms by Guy and Magali. After an excellent meal, as al'accoutumée, they are asked to make a board go back to the sea by off-road and dunes. there are about 50km. after taking note of all the information we pick up the trailer and we're off for our little trip. this walk, which ultimately did 58km, track, off track dunes, sand and the sea is never appeared. A set path, we leave the compass of its cover (bought for this purpose has Carcassonne) and after consulting the map, we take full Cape South is supposed to bring us back to the tar . Were majestic dunes, our intense pleasure has the image of two kids that Santa Claus has completed the wishes, our good fortune and our visual memory us back to our starting point. Resuming tar 17h and the result we find that our white bread was consumed. Wind, fog, rain, altitude, laces on shoes. Our bread is black in the 180km over 4 hours with a lot of fatigue. But there is nothing to regret because day was beautiful and full of new experiences. The tagine
I enjoy this evening in a small bistro next to the hotel is currently one of the best!


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