Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homemade Lacrosse Pinnies

Monday, March 9
Final preparations for starting some
Registering two motorcycles for the boarding pass at customs, etc.. ....
It only remains to wait and enjoy a little more of this beautiful city. Embarkation expected to 21h for departure 23h45.
At 19h, I let some of my friends and will recover at the airport travelers.
As usual, the company Air concerned we will take various snacks to fill the waiting indefinitely.
Back in the late hours on Tangier, we see that the ferry was still docked. We learn later that the boat will leave at 8am in the morning! Customs officers searched all vehicles and trucks.
This trip will remain forever engraved in my memory. Not a single day since January 24 I stop thinking about this young man who one day was recorded on the register of bone marrow donors; A September 20, 2000 He accepted a 48-hour hospitalization and removal of bone marrow and since it allowed me to live and do this wonderful journey. there no words to assure him my gratitude. "In France there are hundreds of people waiting for bone marrow transplantation. All of you who will learn from this blog Find out about the inscription on the donor file and take the plunge. How many people are currently receiving treatment or sterile room chemotherapy and count on you? Without matching donors on file, life stops for some and we can not accept that. Help me to win my bet on life and allow a patient with leukemia has "LIVE" Thank you.
Ps: Going down on Mauritania, on the border with Morocco, I met a biker who had noticed us through listing on the 4x4 and we shared a few words because he too had undergone a bone marrow transplant and enjoyed life to 200% ... ... ... ... ... ..


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