Monday, March 9, 2009

Lipstick Kiss Tattoo Hip

Monday, March 2 Sunday, March 1 Saturday, February 28

Sunday, March 1
the morning, we return to the track with our driver to go up north and go to Cape Tafari. Even
style camp and sublime place. The
our arrival by Didier fishing rod in hand, half a baguette and a can of sardines promising to bring the dinner.
We start to go round the Cape.'s Really magical views of the sea extraordinary. Tide is rising at the port, we'll meet three fishermen (one Mauritanian and Senegalese two), they expect the high tide from sea. their boat is a boat about 15m with a 15hp engine. they have a charcoal oven to heat the bowl and two wooden boxes with ice to fish. for sin, some hand lines by hand and pieces of jeans to go up it and protect the least! and I toured the boat! they leave for five days and hope to bring a Max to feed the whole family. We exchanged hugs, handshakes, and it captures the moment on digital. they send photos by mail at address they give us. The sea is high and we almost split up. what courage and that of mixed emotions! Really people of simplicity and an extraordinary kindness.
the afternoon, go Didier found that abandons the canes because we do not know what to do fish caught! and a swim is nice. we'll also sunbathing when we treat the same evening with the biafine. nice walk at sunset and we even give a hand to fishermen to go back a bag full of small sharks .
The evening meal will still be excellent with a large salad consisting of artichoke heart, legs and tuna (canned of course). The night is a bit difficult between the noise of a wind force 5-6 in the web and the deafening sound of the waves are a few meters. But what a joy to sleep at the water's edge, everything has a cost.


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