Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stinging Across Chest

Monday, March 9 Sunday, March 8 Friday, March 6

Freeway Sunday, March 8 to Tanger, nothing to report!
Tangier, what wonderful city.
I think our group will not remain insensitive to this . There is a hotel with garage which is a priority for this step. Tomorrow our team split a party comes to Narbonne and another arrives by plane to stay with Didier and myself a week in Morocco. We leave all equipment and trailer to the garage for a week and we will leave only 4X4 and motorcycle. From our arrival we repackages the luggage trailer and redevelop the entire store.
walk in this city of passage that deserves one stops there.
Beautiful Medina in which we will do some business! Or at least some purchases.
I take a meal tonight with those who leave me tomorrow and we will remember parts of this trip, I think this is just the beginning. there were moments extremely strong contact with the local population is fabulous. and great with children!!
Last night on the African continent for some. More than six weeks that have elapsed since our departure. A desire to return and continue this journey, but everything has an end.


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