Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Songs To Run Out To Basketball

Hours of lifetimes; Romain Gary

"I climbed into the apartment, the door was closed, I knocked but received no response. I called the maid and made me open it. The bed was still unmade. On the pillow, a sheet of paper:

" There are moments, hours made of lifetimes of happiness which should not be able to survive. Romantic, I know, and if Brazilian, but what you give me can not be said with tears of another time, and words ancien regime, and I speak as an age where life still had court poets. Now, life has ceased to reign, and nobody dares to talk about an air of happiness. She lost his singers, his court poets, priests, her stories, celebrants, because life is gone out of fashion: he is alleged to be hard, indifferent, absurd, unjust, feudal, and in fact does Has it not right, when you think she gave me my happiest moments in an apartment for five hundred francs a day at the Plaza Hotel ? Honey, I saw you just now coming out, you were accompanied by a stern-looking man and I told myself that this is an official reality sent Jacques to hold him accountable, to ask about this way of cheating that is to be happy. And yes, there is something outrageous, scandalous, in our love of privileged because the happiness of a couple still running backs in the world, and I'm afraid. I went back into the room to write this, and I lingered, I look at the unmade bed, the curtains drawn, the room where you should not touch anything, ever, keep it as is, until a woman so happy that I finally told in a thousand years: "You can clear the tracks, make the order is saved ... " Laura. "

I wanted the letter to hand and listened to the song of silence. Long after, as the seconds went by had lost their message, I wore the sheet to my lips as fifty years ago just when I was told - it was a joke - that the cut flowers last longer in their vessel if they gave a kiss every morning. I remained lying on his back without moving, keeping me well, by a rash gesture, to regain myself, with all that that implies experience, derision, futility and reason. "

Romain Gary, Beyond this limit your ticket is no longer valid , 1975.


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