Friday, January 28, 2011

What Causes Gaggin In Morning

Memory; Krzysztof Kieslowski

"I will remember many events that I am unable to say whether they have actually taken place, but I remember exactly, probably because I have often heard talk. In other words, I appropriate facts that have happened to others and, often, I forget that I took, or rather stolen. I steals and I myself believe that I have personally experienced.

I think we remember many things without even realizing it. Sometimes a deep introspection, painful, brings back memories of our images, situations. But you have to want them back. It is a painful work on oneself.

I always recommended to my younger colleagues that I initiate the script writing or directing, to face their lives. Not the need for a scenario, but for themselves. I advise them to try to understand the most important events of their lives that led them to where they are today, sitting in this chair, with all these people around them. What happened in their lives? How did they get there? The important thing to realize. Everything begins there. In the background, years of work that are not accompanied by a profound self-analysis is lost. You can feel and understand the same things intuitively, but intuition produces only random effects. To achieve a satisfactory result, get organized effects, must first go through a work on oneself.

If you do not understand his own life, one can not understand the characters we want to talk, than other people. Philosophers know very well. Artists should also be aware, at least those whose job is to tell stories. This analysis is perhaps not indispensable to musicians, but I guess it is the composers, and to a lesser extent to the painters. All those who tell stories about life need to understand their own lives, but did not bring to light, but an intimacy that can not be shared with anyone. Life is not for sale and the viewer does not guess on me in my films. Of course, some clues can be read quite easily. However, it is impossible to infer how the films I make and the stories I tell are close to me and why. It is impossible. I am the only one to know. "

cinema and I , Krzysztof Kieslowski.


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