Sunday, January 16, 2011

Planning A Church Anniversary Celebration

Make the wall! / Exit Through the gift shop, Banksy, 2010

" Hello, I would a place for Banksy please. "
She looks at me anxiously. Banksy would he managed to hide without getting caught also in movie theaters?
" Uh, sorry? "
" Yes, Let the wall! / Exit Through the gift shop. .
His face lights up.

The movie starts. Video enthusiasts Street Artists pasting posters or graffiti in the streets around the world keep coming at breakneck speed on the song Tonight The Streets Are Bear . Then Banksy, with his face hidden and his voice metallic mounting, sits facing the camera. He began to introduce ourselves Thierry Guetta. Thierry is a French a little odd that had a vintage shop in Los Angeles Tshirts and filming everything, all the time. Thierry said: "I filming anything and everything, I never stopped. Because I felt like I lived every moment was unique and I do not want him escapes me. " In the 1990s during a trip to France, he discovered the works of his cousin's Street Art Space Invader, and begins to film the excitement felt by the artists of this nascent movement. Then Thierry

befriends and wins full confidence of the great and mysterious Banksy, the British star of Street Art, which provides no information on his true identity. And then, suddenly, at about half of the film: turnaround: Banksy realizes, after asking Thierry Guetta make a documentary about the rise of street art with everything he shot, that Thierry is not a film maker with an artistic sense but a "madman with a camera" and he asked her to return to LA and to make street art instead of filming. It is far to imagine that Thierry Guetta will drift quickly from street art to produce works aesthetically close to the street art but from a logical megalomaniac sold as food to the media (people like artists megalomaniac) and very far from the first philosophy of motion Street Art. He exhibits including a huge gallery of works that were created solely for the gallery and not primarily in the street. He then explains that he does is great because by scanning an image and editing using just Photoshop, you can then sell several thousand dollars. Finally Mr Brainwash (his stage name) says he wants Brainwasher people with things that mean nothing, not necessarily message, but which provides an additional aesthetic into their daily lives morose.

Review diversion of the primary values of art and the artist, Make examines the wall with an intrepidity detonating the springs of the business and the media when they attack the art to make economic data . There is so much intelligence in this film we can not help thinking that Mr. Brainwash, or at least its soaring Hollywood, is a creation of any piece of Banksy who loves to play with the identity, his first. Is approached in this film documentary perfect, the hold-up carefully prepared, without scruples and succeeded. A " not care me peace " royal flights to all who are trying to discover who is Banksy and snapped shots of his work at five "0" in the auction rooms. It was the cap - but little megalomania - for reaching a documentary to give air. Banksy's art, just confused at the peak of its strength.


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