Saturday, January 15, 2011

What Does One Nipple Pierced Mean On A Woman

The artist and the bug; Wajdi Mouawad

"The beetle is an insect that feeds on feces other animals larger than itself. The intestines of these animals make believed everything he had learned from the food eaten by the animal. However, the beetle is, within what has been rejected, the food necessary for survival through an intestinal tract whose precision, finesse and an incredible sensitivity surpasses that of any mammal. These droppings which it feeds, the beetle takes the substance suitable for the production of this shell so magnificent that he knows who our next moves: the jade green beetle from China, red purple beetle from Africa, the jet black beetle in Europe and the treasure of gold bug, mythical between all found, mystery of mysteries.

An artist is a beetle that found in the feces of the same company, the food needed to produce works that fascinate and upset his fellow men. The artist, like a beetle, feeds on shit in the world for which he works, and this food abject he succeeds, sometimes, to bring out the beauty. "

Wajdi Mouawad, artist (writer and theater) Canadian online text on its website .


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