Friday, January 14, 2011

Can I Grow Saffron In The North East

Relax a little atmosphere Romain Gary

'- In our case, "he said heavily. Do not bilez, Rainier. My lawyers are paid too much: then, they give importance by slow
.(...) He laughed silent .(...)
- Come on, hello. He will see us more often. By the way, you know what I told them, in Bologna? In the middle strike and a municipality with communist?
His face lit up and suddenly found a youthful look almost childlike. Even her curls seemed less gray.
- They made me shit, fight with their classes, their policy and blah-blah-blah ... Then I met a prince, two marquis and some Italian countess - I had to pay a fortune because they farted for fear - and we did a demo. We put signs "attention, work" in a street in Bologna, and it was a picnic with caviar, champagne and pheasant in the middle of the floor, with clothes, evening dresses and butler! It was a hit. They still show-cons. We spent a night at the office. Fascist provocation, you understand. Shit, all I wanted to do is relax a little air, put some good humor in there. But you're talking! Go to the revoyure, man.
- Ciao , Jim. You speak French really admirable.
- We do what we can.
He went away, hands in pockets, leaning slightly forward, one step soft of the gods of the stadium. "

Romain Gary, Beyond this limit your ticket is no longer valid , 1975.


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