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Soul Kitchen, Akin, 2009 - a candidate for Berlinale honestly

FGYO contest for the Youth Jury at the Berlinale 2011. Question 15: Please write a review about the movie "Soul Kitchen" by Fatih Akin (2009) by giving your views

Thirty five minutes and already Zinos coil, the young German director of Greek origin of a small restaurant worker connected to the Hamburg suburb, has had enough. Quite the din of electric guitars musicians of his restaurant, tired of being alone at the restaurant manager while his girlfriend was taken to China work; tired of signing dubious to help his brother out of prison, tired of the chef he has hired give Klitschko that cooking is an art and that his clients appreciate that their Schnitzel, Apples have no taste. Zinos slice. He goes out of her kitchen in a rage: "Stop . Silence, that's it for tonight. Everyone goes home. The restaurant closes. "

c'en If only the film had been finished by the same opportunity and the great Fatih Akin, director acclaimed for its sumptuous Gegen die Wand and Auf der anderen Seite , two films recounting then spent the fate of Germans disapproved of foreign origin, might be able to transform these thirty-five minute short film that stealth would be a gift to his friends and family. Its small personal production would never theatrical release and was unavailable for purchase on Amazon for eternity. In his press interviews Mr. Akin might even confide: " This short film is the culmination of a delirium with friends, a trip burgers" because the actor playing Zinos, co-screenwriter of the film is its long friend of Hamburg date.

It took unfortunately Akin to make a feature film than an hour and a half. It is particularly difficult to write a review on a play when you do not find it funny - in the sense that we do not laugh - and when it also presents absolutely no interest in the film plane, except for some plans on roofs of the Hanseatic city, a soundtrack not too ill-chosen, wide angles and in motion a set of blue lights pretty well in a nightclub sequence. There is also an incentive to faint reflection on the evil capitalist who transforms real estate projects in cities and neighborhoods destroyed alternative. Unfortunately, faced with such a great emptiness in the intricacies of the scenario, that thought is stuck in the first row of neurons of any good movie fan as he is paralyzed by what was unfolding before his eyes. It seems to me have always had a great tolerance and even a taste for comedies or fat black humor. I laughed so many films of the talented Sacha Baron Cohen, humor Belgian Dikkenek way or even American teen movies. Probably because they innovated in their history, their gags, some idea of the show. Soul Kitchen for his part is neither light nor heavy, nor fat, neither spectacular nor amusing is flat, kitsch, and drunk. We know, we packed up, it pushes the back of his chair and we pray that it stops. The film looks like an episode of enhanced Plus Belle La Vie or as a TV movie scheduled Sat 1 to 4 in the morning that gets stuck between a comedy and a drama low end. Can we still call this film?

Without going into a critical pedantic and elitist, I would just say that I am sad that the Venice Film Festival has awarded a prize at Soul Kitchen . Just as a European tradition requires that the carpaccio served cold - not warmed in the microwave, another order to achieve a certain cinematic quality, both in history - whether comic or dramatic - than in the staging and editing. So I plant my knife into the table and throw my apron. I may be fired on the spot to save me but I criticize, I hope, future jewelry dramatic film by Fatih Akin has yet to produce.


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