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Pin Strokes Aftercare

missed a month with Memento, Adaptation, The Gone Chaâba of the Master Class by Michael Caine, and the exhibition "Landmarks, stars 7th Art "

Warning. This psot is not a psot on CIMNE.

Memento, Christopher Nolan, 2000

avenge his wife raped and murdered when we lost the memory directly, it's hard. Leonard remembers everything that happened before his birth to his life with his late wife, but after he received a blow on the head is now unable to remember five minutes after an action having done it. His determination and intelligence lead him to sacrifice his body to move forward in its investigation despite his problem: he tattooed all information collected on its skin.

Some stories are unbelievable in their design, others get through the final cut proposed by the scenario. Memento begins with the end of the film: Leonard kills in cold blood the murderer of his wife. Despite his fragile state of memory (" see, i have this condition "), he has no doubts about the identity of the murderer: he has to reread all the evidence on his body naked before the mirror. The film then goes from scene to scene near the beginning of history, how tectonic plates: Leonard how he managed to conduct the investigation itself? It was then discovered, through the particular philosophical thread - The story of Sammy Janki, the former client when he was sick of Leonard insurer, that the scenario is the golden nugget of cinema: never simple setting of this film in a disorderly manner (fruit of the key artistic director of a Lynchian example) could have created itself also made a spectacular and fascinating.

Adaptation, Spike Jonze, 2003

Charlie Kaufman, screenwriter talented, is entrusted with the task of laying a new scenario from a bestseller a journalist from the New Yorker about the power of orchids. But Charlie is in crisis: it is exceeded by the flow of his own life, and is in need of female affection. Yet it is not that he is missing opportunities to make with friends with him, but Charlie, eternal shy, always fails in the key moments of his life. It is even constantly panicked, anxious, engaged in a cold sweat. Only his texts, his imagination, enabled him to get out of this state. A force to fight against this novel orchidesque from the book by the journalist in which she goes to meet a passionate flower in California, he eventually found : He will turn it into a poetic film about the meaning of life. "It opens on State Road 29. A creamy white van was traveling at full speed and then turn to the right in the nature reserve in India. The driver of the van is a thin man and toothless. " No. It goes wrong. He resumed the beginning. We must think bigger. Everything is accelerating on his typewriter and dictaphone: it is necessary that the film opens on an accelerated evolution of millennia of mankind to get to the flower, the orchid that symbolizes it. Then again on Route 29.

Adaption astonishes by its subtle put into permanent abyss. The scenes with the journalist from the New Yorker out of them-Charlie's imagination or are they just a subtle flashback that we tangled brushes? Whatever. We love, we want more as the game is clever imagination. I will remember the passage where the man with flowers - though still toothless - the journalist says: "Before I was deeply in love tropical fish, all tropical fish, I had dozens of huge aquariums at home. (he names the names of tropical fish in their Latin name). Obliged to scuba diving in my own apartment. And then one day I got tired of fish. Fuck Fish. I had had enough. I turned everything in one day, years and years of work and passion, and never put a foot into the ocean. It was 17 years ago. Why? Finished with fish. And I started with the flowers. "Then he continues." There are over 30,000 species of orchids. Some look like an onion, some to an ape, others an intellectual New York, another at a Midwestern beauty queen, another with eyes that dance, and others have eyes that contain any the sadness of world. "Unfortunately the end is disappointing: the revival of Hollywood action scenes and a chase through the rainforest gives the effect of having been imposed by the production director as it differs from the delicate atmosphere of first hour of the film. Damage.

The Chaâba's Gone, Christophe Ruggia, 1997

Adapted from the autobiographical novel Azouz Begag on the early years of his life, Gone from the Chaâba recalls many moments atmosphere tasty La Vie Devant Soi . Omar, age 9, lives in a slum on the outskirts of Lyon, Chaâba. The latter was created at the initiative of his father and his family arrived in France to escape the poverty of their native Algeria and to give their children a French education in which they are convinced it will allow them entry at executives of the company. But life in the Chaâba is hard to organize and regulate. Algerian families increasingly move there and small conflicts are multiplying as fast as cockroaches and garbage ground: women are fighting for access to pump water, because one of their men opened a butcher shop that attracts health authorities and threatens the community. Omar, in the heckling chest, doing pretty well: second in his class, he is the pride of his father who offers him Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea reward for his good grades. There are scenes in succulent The Chaâba 's Gone: The
where Oscar learns by heart Freedom Mauritius Lent watching the rain turn the earth floor of the shanty town in mud. Take the sun

In Cupping,
A little sun
And go away!

Go into the wind,
Follow your dream;
Go now,
Youth is short!

There are roads
Unknown men
There are roads
If air!

Do not regret what you leave.
Look, there,
Horizon shine.

Far, still further,
Go on singing! The world belongs

To those who have nothing.

The the slum where his comrades accuse Omar of not being Arab because he is second in the class while they are all in the past. The
where Omar refuses to accept the request of the mother of one of his friends to let his son cheat on his copy for the questions in writing: " I'm sorry, I'm willing to help advance 's he wants, but not like that. Allow cheating is stupid, and forbidden. "The
where Omar goes with the rest of the children at the city dump to try to find stuff recoverable: looking for friends pairs of shoes, while Omar is looking for books he could read ... and finds the greatest gift: a dictionary that will allow it, the evening, discover the meaning of new words under his duvet. The
where a friend of Omar when he comes to see is being read and said " No - I do not want to bother you you're working. " Omar response: " But no, I'm not working, I'm reading is not the same thing at all .
The when Omar finally began to write under his tree, "I m name is Omar and I have nine years. I was born in a large hospital in France. I am French. "

Master Class Michael Caine, Forum des Images, January 5, 2011.

Michael Caine, 88 and freshness unbelievable, answered questions during Mérigeau brilliant Pascal 1h30 Forum Pictures and had a chance to be there. What my life has taught me, says it is this: "If You're Going Through hell, keep going. " Born into a poor family in the London suburbs, Michael Caine's wandering lowlands arts in his youth to achieve now have a place in the sun Hollywood. "In the 60 incredibly prosperous for the artistic community, all my actor friends were successful ... except me ." Accustomed In the first part of career to supporting roles in theater and cinema, he received consecration and a great career started with her portrayal of Alfie in the eponymous film. To get to run with the top directors: John Houston, Woody Allen, Christopher Nolan ... while keeping your feet on the ground and agreeing to give us the little anecdotes that shaped his experience. Some big names in the movie taught him that the job of actor is primarily a working rehearsal and performance during the filming should be that of relaxation. We then explained: "One day someone is approached me to congratulate me for having played such a role in this film. But I was not satisfied because if he told me that, it meant that I was not good enough for me totally melt in my character on screen. Conversely, one day someone says to him: " you play yourself . While critical thinking was pejoratively, me I was delighted because I knew very well that I did not play myself and that if he had this impression that I had just been good. "Finally, he explains the difference he makes between a Leading actor and a movie star: " A movie star gets a script and want the script to match his tastes and his image. A Leading actor takes the script and thought that it could bring to character and that the character could bring . "Perseverance and work, here are two good words to sum up Michael Caine.

exhibition" Monuments of the 7th art stars "

I kept them in a very good memory Paris exhibition on view at the cinema in the city hall of Paris in 2005 or 2006 when I was curious to see the exhibition at the Conciergerie on the place of French monuments in the national and international cinema. Dedicated to Eric Rohmer died in 2010, the exhibition takes up all the great hall of the Conciergerie, the monument which was first royal palace and seat of the royal administration and terrifying revolutionary prison. The route of exposure we evolved through many old posters of films featuring the monuments of Paris, leads to projections of film clips shot in various famous places, and then invites us to read some texts summarizing the complications experienced by some filmmakers to shoot at places of historical. We learn that the star of the film star is the medieval city of Carcassonne, where, because of the exceptional state of preservation of the fort, were shot so many films. There are also a few sets of lights and cameras to the visitor to understand the specific techniques for film - historical or not (monochrome backgrounds, sequences in the background ..). This exhibition is true to the image of the film: a journey through time fascinating for anyone a bit curious.


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