Monday, January 10, 2011

Game Shark De Pokemon Ligth Platinum

Americans; Romain Gary

"All our" progress "at this moment in politics or elsewhere, stories of spare parts ... Tricks sex shop ...

I had never come to Paris - the Latin side who fears to acknowledge defeat, a "formerly" in the eyes of the seller, but during my last trip to New York, I am went out of curiosity. Americans can not bear the idea of the problem without solution. They are less capable than other people to coexist peacefully with all that is insoluble in around them and themselves. The "human condition" within the meaning of irremediable and failure, the rush among psychiatrists in a race toward replacement power, money and world records. The greatest danger for the world would the American impotence. The dildo has always existed, but at home he became nuclear. They go into sex shops at home and the plumber with the dignity of a man in self defense. The Americans have not yet used to being defeated. They refuse to bow their heads to the limits. "

Romain Gary, Beyond this limit your ticket is no longer valid , 1975.


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